18 June 2012

Course comments, offence, and whatnot...

Oh where do I start?

My dogs are no1 for me, being with my dogs, playing with my dogs, and training my dogs... so naturally I have views on everything pertaining to my dogs and the things I choose to do with them. And they are just that, my views! No one has to agree with them, and those that get their panties all up in a bunch because I air some thoughts on training and courses I run, then too bad. I think people need to stop being babies and wingeing constantly about silly things. If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it, delete my blog from your list of things to do...

Naturally my views on training pertain to HOW I train, and I just exclude the things I don't like, the things others do, and the people that do these things... My views on training are very "straight laced" and I only train the things I believe in.. all revolving around positive reinforcement, the clicker and building a relationship with each of my dogs.

And my comments on courses that I have run throughout my dogs' careers are not aimed personally at any judge or course designer, nor any specific person, or club. They are just that: COURSE COMMENTS. I am a judge, a trainer, a competitor and a teacher, so obstacle placement, angles, speeds, course design etc etc.... oh and not to forget actual obstacle performance - is all something that is very technical to me. I like to think out and "blog" these thoughts about some items that caught my attention - whether they are something I particularly like, or something that caused me stress....  just observations about minor things.. and so far nothing particularly rude or offensive!

Bottom line, I do not mean to offend anyone, nor do I mention any specific person in my views. I do not hold anything against any judge that puts up something that I don't like, and I will speak up if presented with something that is dangerous.

Take a chill pill all u peeps with probs!