31 July 2011

Queen of the mountain... to Crash and BURN..!

What a lovely weekend... the weather was nice, and we had SHOWS!

Saturday: The courses were interesting, although I only got to run the one Dog Jumping round with Q (baby grade). It went off without a hitch. On looking at the video, I noticed some wide turns due to late calls, but we qualified nonetheleses.

Q has made it to the senior class in only 3 shows.

Next up was breed (conformation) on Sunday morning. And the weekend just got even better. Q showed very nicely, and managed Best of Breed and Group 4th. The second breed show was even better - she got her Best of Breed again, followed by a 1st in the Herding group and then went on to win Reserve Best in Show!! Pleased as PUNCH, I was!

And lastly, the CRASH and BURN :(
The round we were waiting for in the Dog Jumping.... Nice course, GREAT running plan in my head, I knew that Q could do it as we had trained everything required by the test... or so I THOUGHT! Turns out we never left the start.... or rather Q left the start, made it to number 2, but unfortunately left out number 1! grrr OH, and we did this TWICE.

So we have some new stuff to work on...

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