29 July 2011

...and things that don't irritate me!

People that have put in a LOT of thought and work into their own training - that offer me advice... Now THAT I can live with!! People that will DISCUSS training with me.. YES! LOVE that. I can sit for hours chatting to someone about training.

Actually, also chatting about BAD training and rounds help! Learning from others whether they are good or terrible.... BAD rounds I can often not watch, but at least when I catch a glimpse I am reminded to check that I am not inadvertently doing the same thing!

It is great to watch other handlers with the same breeds that I have, to see if I have maybe overlooked something that I should have paid more attention to. Always great when you have a breed other than a BC. My Aussie was the first in her breed to achieve so much in Agility in SA, so maybe it was great to stack her against and compare her to the top BC's... But looking back, she was STILL lacking in her training! I can still improve on that.

And then there is the ODD student..... those are the ones that I don't mind at all. The ones that I can give them something to think about, and they come back with 3 other things that we can discuss. The ones that ASK advice and go away, and the next time I see them they bring their dog and show me how they have progressed, and THEN they ask more quetions about little things that can be better... The student that can see the bigger picture. I don't run for the little prizes or rosettes, I run to have great rounds - and I expect any student of mine to do the same.

The best are the out-of-town buddies that I see maybe 4 times a year at big shows. We can sit and compare notes and discuss dogs and training. Ja.... love that!

YES Agility is fun........... but surely you should want to do it right to have that good feeling after a round? If you feel the same as the notes in my blog, please feel free to come and chat with me about Agility and dogs :)
If you don't then fine, carry on, on your merry way, clapping around the course.......

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