28 July 2011

Things that irritate me...

Training is going well, and it will be a little while before my next progress report, so I thought I would just yak about stuff in general.. stuff on my mind.. training etc... well stuff that irritates me.................

I really get annoyed with people... people that don't listen, people that use me, greedy people!
I don't know HOW MANY times someone has asked me to help them, asked advice, BEGGED... ah and I just give in. They take what I say, and some bugger off and that's me.. used and abused! And some don't bother to listen and go off to ask 10 more people until they hear what they want to hear... and when it doesn't work they COME BACK!! Ok now I put my foot down, I actually say NO. Basically... just go away!

I have always been a very generous person. If someone asks my help, I give it. If they want advice, I give it. I share my DVD's - invite people over to watch with me. I pass on articles and notes of interest. But somehow, on most instances, I am sorry! Hmmm once someone said to me "I will bring  you a pile of DVD's and you can copy your whole collection for me". I mean... HUH!?? Of course I said no! This has been my entire dogging career researching, training, buying, learning etc etc, and I must tie up all the litte pieces that make up my training world and hand it to someone with a little bow around it? Not to mention the money I spent on the collection - like R10 000! And it won't even guarantee that anyone else will use it like I have... hmmm I was a little miffed at that to say the least!

And students.. I mostly HATE them. I know that sounds horrible but why ask me specifically to train stuff, and then they argue with me before you have tried it? The students that are shown and spoonfed every single baby step but that skip to the last step because that is what they want the dog to do... the students that are fed foundation work that is coming out their ears, but that just want to run courses... the students that don't bother to do anything at home and want it all in a lump sum in class.... the students that don't progress.. the students that come to class to chitchat and socialise before any work is done.. ooh ooh the students that never have a plan of WHAT to train!!!

nd people that SAY they will train but don't - I have NO time for you! You get all the equipment and go all out telling people that you do Agility, and you join training schools/ clubs/ groups... but you don't train..... grrr

And the JUDGES...... hehe don't get offended now!
TEST the dogs appropriately for their grades! I dont want to train my heart out and get a rinky dink little course, man! Oh, a TIP: removing jumps from higher grades doesn't make it easier for the baby grades!!!! Contacts: pleez don't tell me that my dog got the contact if she releases herself. I don't care. I will release my dog, and if she releases herself I will put her back. DEAL with it!

Oh YES.. and my PET hate.. the person that watches me cock up on a course and says WELL DONE when I win because everyone was more crappy than me! And not to forget the elimination on an otherwize stunning round, where I am thrilled at my dogs attitude, speed and contacts, only to have someone tell me something like "oh well, better round next time!" AARGH

I have subscribed to magazines, read websites and blogs, researched, bought books... learnt techniques and training methods to get where I am today. I don't mind *helping*, but GEEZ PEOPLE, do some work of your own too!!

OK now I can sleep :)

I hate dumb people that have small dogs that think that the dogs are dumb too! Or that they run slower on a course because they have shorter legs..... OH LORD!

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